Sunday, January 29, 2017


The use of the internet as a tool of learning is changing the way video artist approach their work! 

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I had the chance to speak with OSCAR BOYSON a director out of New York who started cutting his teeth while working with the (now famous) YouTube influencer Casey Neistat (Casey has 6 Million followers)!
Oscar is a hybrid of director that has the ability to shoot full format traditional commercials, do high paced micro content for social, and create easily edible content for YouTube (check out his work, THE FUTURE OF CITIES and his write up in 
WAIT!  There is more.  
He is a do it all yourselfer, which BTW up and comers and old skooler alike this is what the future looks like.  It looks like OSCAR.  

This guy collected work from around the globe by doing 'content sharing' from random people (both professional and amateur) to create this AMAZING piece (The Future of Cities).

Pay attention to Oscar Boyson y'all, he's is onto something.
Listen and get first hand insight into:

What it takes to transition to becoming a director?
​How to work with brands in the social space?
And more!