Saturday, April 28, 2012


Just finished watching the film, If a Tree Falls by Marshall Curry and what a knock your socks off piece this was.  If you've ever wondered what inflames environmentalist to hug trees and fight against the system to create a hippy Green Peace name for themselves that leaves 'corporate couch potatos' dazed and confused, this will outline it for you.  Edited masterfully throughout with linear interviews that unfold the story of the capture and prosecution of a key 'environmental terrorist' slash arsonist  Daniel McGowan and put together with a symphony of post production effected recreations, great archive and amateur video.  The piece is heart felt and awakening, and gives a rare look into the decisions that drove a seeming down to earth well valued individual to burn millions of dollars in private property, so he could play out tangibly against his frustrations towards 'the system' and support a cause he believe was right.

From beginning to end I loved the piece.  It had a balanced and central approach to the story and allowed for both sides to be told.  In its close, I was surprise to find myself torn to see the arsonist, that would have inflame us all (Daniel McGowan), get the punishment he had earned.  And I wanted for him to just have it all go away.

You can see it on NETFLIX or ORDER A COPY ONLINE and let me know your thoughts when you do.


This was a DOC THIS report by Barry Walton

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