Saturday, September 27, 2014


In 2002, after the Philadelphia 76ers exited the playoffs in the first round.  Point guard Allen Iverson went-off on the press reacting to coach Larry Brown's comments about his 'practice habits'.  Now some 12 years later director Fantavious Fritz and his team have taken, arguably one of the most famous press conferences in NBA history, and turned it into an attention getting short documentary with a strong message.  Shot on 35mm film in Brooklyn, New York.  The team have mixed game footage of some of the greatest players in NBA History (Michael Jordan, Julius Erving, and Bill Russell to name a few) with the real world of young player/dreamer Jeremiah as he pass through the city to a court with his basketball in hand.  Possessing the dream of every kid's hope to make it to the NBA someday and the echo of the players who have made it, rolling in his head.  PRACTICE! is a look into how big a voice a player can have and how little it really matters.

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