Sunday, November 13, 2016


This documentary is the living definition that, CONTENT IS KING!

What do you mean by that?

And adventure, sailor, and all around midwestern boy Alex Rust is my HERO!

Hero?  That's a big word!

Let me start with Alex.  

The day trader and over-the-top frugal youth who lived out of his vehicle to save money.  Moves and buys a boat in Florida.  And with work and practice, ends up traveling around the globe.  WOW!  That's some real adventuring there.

Being a skilled sailor myself and having spend 3-months at sea.  I have total respect for the ability to do that.  Not only is that a giant sacrifice and life change.  Not only is does that require a lot of skill, a little luck, and a big set of balls.  It's just some serious dream making (in my humble opinion). 

One has to say, 'FEARS BE DAMNED' and go.  The man took his dreams in his own hands and turned them into realities.  That's a powerful craft. 

That said, it's not all shits and giggles.  Alex got lost in it all of this.  He's character seems to swing strongly between two very different people.  He didn't seem able to find a middle ground nor listen to those surrounding him that wanted to help.  He began to drowned in his own ego and the more he seemed to have success in his travels.  The more he seemed to push the envelop of reality.

It's not the first time I have seen this in dreamers.  At the end of the 90's I lived on a sailboat myself.  I met many an Alex then.  They both think giant in scope of their visions and are closed off to the realities of the world.  For Alex that turned out to be fatal.  

So why is 'content king'?  Simply because the story surpasses the footage.  The documentary is a collage of footage and photos driving a great story.  And why wouldn't it be, that's what Alex shot.  He wasn't a filmmaker thinking story arch and plot.  

I imagine he was more thinking, "crazy f-ing idea lets make sure to shoot it".  "Nice sunset, someone grab a camera".  "This is funny, are you guys rolling!"  So director Topher Cochrane was smart enough to know that the story drives the footage and content rules supreme.

Alex sadly goes too far in his search and doesn't return.  Throughout you could see this might end up being the case, but it doesn't make it any easier.  

Questions bubble up as to why?  What was he seeking?  Why did he insist on pushing the envelope over and over?  I have had friends like Alex and know only one thing about the type.  They do it 'their way' and damn the consequences.  I have to admit at times I am a little envious of that.

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