Thursday, November 3, 2016


Climate change real or a hoax?

Not to be a Leonardo DiCaprio whore (which I am) or a mainstream programming (National Geographic) pusher, but this is a center stage topic that can't be overlooked.  To add to it, this isn't a Zeitgeist telling of climate change (I love Zeitgeist docs, but you get the point).  In fact this documentary is far above par for NatGeo's work, which is usually mainstream TV processed crap.  No, this is visually captivating and on point.  A rare look at the realities we are now facing in the world of today.  

Will this version just be a bleep on the radar like Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth)  or will this help start the wave of change that we need in the world.  I would first start your assessment from watching and then comment on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


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