Saturday, January 27, 2018


3:30 AM Woke up full of fear.  

How did I know it was fear?  

My mind starting saying the 'I don't wants'.  

"I don't want to loose my home"!  "I don't want to run out of money"!  "I don't want to work so much I have no time with my family"!

Wrote this out when I woke up:

You name it my mind was thinking it and I needed to slow it down quick.  How and who do I talk to?  No one, because anyone you want to talk to at this hour is probably asleep and your wife is going to be scared if you fill her head with all this fear.  I need to breath.  I need to get out of the fear space and start talking about what I do want.  So I got up about 30-minutes later and started to work.  I generated more items on my to-do list the most important of which was the formation of what I want out of this.  I called them, The Articles of Formation for Endless Media (my company).  The first of which was our mission statement:

The mission behind Endless is simple.  It’s a place where people give a shit about each other, about the client, and about the work.  We give a shit (period).  We prioritize the human experience and connection, and we work hard to make it look good.  Then we commune together.  Anything else isn’t Endless.

After this and a series of goals and objectives, I started to settle down by thinking about what I DO WANT versus what I don't want.  That comes from a place of love and the things that I love.  That is where the true power of life lies.

All this got me thinking it's important in life to do things that help you realize the people you need in life.  See this whole thing has got me looking at people different.  People I need, people that support me, people that are out here with me are a little more rare, but so VALUABLE.  

My wife, my family, friends from high school, friends from growing up.  People you would never expect to be key people show up to support.  During the change I put out a shout and here are some of the text messages I got back:

This one came with an AWESOME one liner that really got me going about the cave we fear.

This one was from my childhood buddy who I have known for nearly 40 years.  He hit it on the head.

 Same friend and what I love most here is what he says if I am broke.  

Nothing better than a friend that will take care of you am I right!!

God bless I hope you got something from this free form put it on paper scrap book.

More to come!

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