Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Last week I took my daily planner and journal and wrote across in a sharpie marker, "A Free Man". 

Why did I do that and what does it mean?  

Simple that is how I feel, I feel I am newly a free man.  I no longer do I have the walls, structure, and confinement of the corporate 9-5 that I had clung to for so long.  But at the same time, I no longer have he walls, structure, and confinement of the corporate 9-5! 

This whole thing has me going in top to bottom emotional waves.  Waves that sweep between the excitement of the freedom I now have to create my life as I dream it to be and the fear of the responsibility that goes with it.  

My mind now is on those inspirational talks that end in, "write your own destiny" and "define your life".  

The truth of this statement is in that writing your life's story means holding onto a moving target reminding yourself constantly of what you want (not what you don't want).  

For me the want is to build a small social agency with 5 - 10 employees that manage social media accounts for businesses throughout the US.  The reality is I have to go out there and recruit those clients and prove to them I have a capable team to do this so they believe.  

Going from here to there, well I think it's just baby steps and time.

As the highs and lows go, it seems like fear likes to creep in at night while I am getting tired and slowing down from the day.  It did tonight while I was on Daddy duty.  Fortunately my friend Reggie (Rex) sent me the picture and quote above.  

Sometimes we need to be reminded more than once, enter that cave!

Thanks for reading.

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